We woke up to prepare for the trip back to Lagos. Breakfast was yam and sauce; Yam and egg and tea, coffee and chocolate drink.

 Once we had eaten, and everyone was set, we were road bound and set off at about 9 am. Our route was to ride from Offa, Osogbo, Ede, Gbongan, Ikire, Ibadan, Sagamu, Lagos.

 Heading out we stopped to fill up at the NNPC station in Offa and then set off.

 Heading from Offa to Osogbo was quite tricky as we were more often than not rolling on roads which were under construction, “it seems Osogbo is one big construction yard lot of roads being constructed or revamped”. We hit Osogbo in an hour and went on a merry go round cos road works meant roads were closed and we had to find alternative routes.

Journey took us through to the Iife

In looking for alternative routes, as a sharp guy, i left my visor open lo and behold my first fly in the helmet experience when on the highway. Its a not a funny something o, I was perturbed and almost overwhelmed with the buzzing in the helmet and had to make an emergency stop to save myself.

 Of course my guardians were there to sort me out FD and Maestro. Once i sorted out the helmet we rolled off and caught up with the others “they had waited further on” and we continued out of Osogbo through to Ede (nice breezy and fun ride).


While filtering through the traffic, a pedestrian crossing without any care ran into Dicta’s bike and broke the right side mirror ( I could see fire coming out of RC’s nose and ears fortunately Kanu rode up diffusing the situation).

The awesome weekend saw BMW Clubs West Africa clubs in a Grand Tour in 2019.

Team Nigeria flying squad landed at KIA and Team Nigeria Road crew drove in. The awesome weekend saw BMW Clubs West Africa clubs in a Grand Tour in 2019.


Two Crews took off for the ultimate largest West African BMW convoy tour. With over 100 cars in Convoy, the road crew drove from Lagos, Cotonou, Togo and Ivory coast and some flew into Ghana and explore in the convoy


Highlights from BMWCLUB West Africa Tour🏁Motorsport just got a whole lot Funner



Countries Represented: Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ivorycoast and Ghana