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What BMW parts must be BMW, OEM or can be used(Tokunbo)?

Home Forums BMW General Forum What BMW parts must be BMW, OEM or can be used(Tokunbo)?

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      Ikemefula Nwagwu

      This is always a difficult question and on quite a number of occasions we all get it wrong. For a number of parts it’s best you go with BMW branded parts for a number of components e.g. Ignition coils, water pumps, spark plugs. While for parts like brake pads, alternator, radiator one can go for OEM (original equipment manifacturers). OEM are companies that manufacture parts for BMW and conform to BMW strict requirements. However, these OEM companies also make similiar parts which are not branded BMW but branded in their own names eg. Bosch, NGK, Valeo, Siemens,Pagid etc. commentsa and contributions are welcome.

      On used parts they are done or used at ones own peril because you have no form of guarantee and return policy rarely exists and extent of usage before your use can never be exactly determined. Thus it is not advised except may be when buying a complete engine unit. In this case because the high cost of new engines, used(Tokunbo) will be your best bet.

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