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Presenters rails 3 tutorial

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      1.1.1 Comments for various readers · 1.1.2 “Scaling” Rails · 1.1.3 . The Ruby on Rails Tutorial owes a lot to my previous Rails book, RailsSpace, and hence to
      25 Sep 2014 When your models are bloated with methods that are only used in views, it might be a good time to refactor them. Moving that logic into helper
      7 Mar 2014 The Decorator/Presenter pattern should be treating painful symptoms like complex views . With Rails 3 you can decorate a collection with:24 Oct 2014
      16 Nov 2012 Internal company presentation on the use of the Presenter pattern in Ruby 3. Design Pattern? Per our good friends at Wikipedia:In software
      21 Jun 2015 Rails Presenters – This article will show you how to use the Rails id: 3, title: “Welcome to my site”, body: “My third post”, published_at: nil).
      3 Oct 2011 Clean up complex view logic with the help of presenters, and doing this from scratch gives you a lot of flexibility. .. Great tutorial, as always! 1: – present user do |user_presenter| 2: #contact_information 3: %dl 4: %dt Name.
      21 Nov 2017 After finishing the always helpful Ruby on Rails Tutorial, I looked to learn I’d actually touched on one before in my job – the Presenter pattern!
      21 Jun 2015
      3 Sep 2014 Last active 3 months ago. Embed. What would The “Decorator” pattern slowly started gaining popularity in Rails several years ago. It is not part of We had a helper method to instantiate the presenters: . Lesson Learned.

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