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Buying the right BMW in Nigeria

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    Mike Danisa

    Hi all I am still thinking about getting an all weather BMW for my daily runs, I have my 3 boys I take to school daily and a daughter as well including 2 kids from my neighbors. I wouldn’t mind a few weekend blasts out of town, I am really eyeing the E70 3.0, tips on reliability and maintenance will really help, any E70 owner out there?

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    Mattey Adinnu

    The 3 litre engines are just a perfect balance of power and economy hence the E70 is no different. A perfect car to own for self and family but keep the following in mind. Make sure that battery is at optimum condition as components like the water pump, transmission draws it’s power from there. Observe the electric fan periodically making sure the speed changes as heat increases and decreases. Pay attention to any kind of rattling noise in the engine as this may be sign of sludge in the engine affecting moving components like the valvetronics. Check periodically for oil leaks around the engine as this may be signs of weak seal and gaskets.change worn out engine belt as they are serious disaster waiting to happen. Pls do not follow the Bmw specified oil change interval but do a maximum of 5000 miles before oil change not forgetting to mention the use of quality specified oil grade. Good luck!

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    Mike Danisa

    Thanks so much Mr Mattey, My confidence is renewed, I am currently shopping for a good E70 and will adhere strictly to your advice and even more.

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    Ikemefula Nwagwu

    I’m also in search of a BMW E70 given the nature of roads and need for a BmW with good ground clearance. From my experience with BMWs coming from owing 8 since 1999, one key trait to always get out of the way is overheating. Once you certify this does not occur, trust me, half of your BMW issues have been resolved. Also to ensure you have a hitch free drive make sure you have New drive belts and rollers. This also goes with having a good fuel pump once these basics are tackled your on the right path. However the issues mentioned by Mathew are equally critical. I too will be on the lookout for a clean E70

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